Trim & Fascia

Rough Sawn Real Wood Products Embodying Natural Wood Grain That Others Can Only Copy.


Fact Sheet

  Nothing can enhance the warmth and beauty of a building more than natural wood trim. For over thirty years, Wynndel Lumber Sales has been selling spruce and pine trim and fascia products and helping homeowners add that special something to their homes.
We have addressed the concerns of high cost and low maintenance by producing our line of pre-primed WynnWood Trim & Facia. Each piece of WynnWood Trim & Facia is designed to accentuate the natural grain pattern of the wood. Each piece of wood is kiln-dried and conditioned to be completely stable, and then carefully sized and rough patterned. A high quality acrylic emulsion is then applied to all four faces, capturing and preserving the look for many years.
Isn’t time to give your home that extraordinary elegance it deserves?

Wynndel Box & Lumber has been producing value added lumber products for 87 years.

The facility is situated in some of the most productive forest land in British Columbia’s Interior. We are a mixed species mill cutting mainly spruce, pine and fir, douglas fir and larch, and inland cedar.

Our principle product line of rough sawn spruce/pine/fir boards are then remanufactured to produce beautiful saw textured trim and siding products. Other products include SPF S4S boards (common & selects) fir boards and lamstock, molding grades, decking, paneling patterns and siding, full sawn rough timbers and cedar products.